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Mpowered Real Estate

At Mpowered, we are dedicated to making your home buying/selling experience a success. We believe that hard work shows, and are always willing to go the extra mile for those that decide to work with us.


 Get assistance through the entire real estate process.


 Let us simplify the home selling process!


 Add real estate into your investment portfolio. 

Property Management

 Experienced managers and real estate consultants.

Why Us

Our decades of real estate sales, personal investment and development experience allows us to bring a level of expertise and service that is unique in the realtor community.

Unique traits that assist your real estate needs.

We Are a Custom Brokerage

We have everything you need without all the frills. Friendly, honest, straightforward and hardworking.

Customer Service

We have a straightforward approach to service. We like to lead with goal setting, and by identifying your goals we make sure to hit the mark every time.

Technology Driven

We are not afraid to utilize the web. The future of real estate is in tech and a big aspect of the selling/ buying process now requires technology. 

Local Knowledge

We understand how important it is to get acclimated to a new area. With years of experience working in San Diego, we can lead you to the perfect location.

Decades of Investment Experience

Investment knowledge goes along way. We can easily identify strengths and weaknesses in a home, and identify a houses market value very quickly. This is an asset for investing, buying and selling alike.

Not Your Typical Realtors.

We are strategic and goal oriented. In the end, it's not about the commission, it's about the satisfaction of our clients.

Philanthropic Mindset

Community give-back programs.

Community Focused

In our opinion, San Diego is the best place to live. We are all about contributing to this wonderful community.

In Our Free Time

Part of our real estate strategy is to incorporate our give back model to create a better world for the next generation. We’ve partnered with live mpwrd to create some fresh strategy's around conscious investing, mpowered homes, and youth life coaching in order to put action into positive change. So not only do we designate a percentage to every transaction to further these causes, but we also incorporate doing good into our work and our lifestyle.

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