Property Management

Since 1977, Mpowered Real Estate has excelled in property management, real estate sales, investments and construction. Mpowered Real Estate has a unique understanding of the whole picture. An understanding of the real estate market, construction process, maintenance of a property and a custom management style sets us apart from most other companies.


  • In Real Estate Since 1977
  • Boutique Operation
  • Unique Set of Experience: Extensive Property Management, Real Estate Sales, Renovation Experts, Bought and Sold Numerous Properties, Managed Home Cleaning Services
  • Limited Number of Properties Managed
  • Experienced Real Estate Professionals
  • Extensive Maintenance Experience

Mpowered Real Estate Property Management offers property owners a unique management experience. We are a boutique operation that prides itself on managing a small amount of quality properties. As real estate brokers with years of experience managing, selling, buying and rehabbing real estate we know what it takes to manage your investment properties. We are here to help you maintain or improve your property to maximize your rent as well as your Return on Investment. Not just managers but experienced real estate consultants.

How Your Property Can Give Back

Interested in learning how your property can give back, while saving you fees, and getting paid market rent?

Plus! This option can be a tax write-off as well.

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Mpowered Homes:

Investing and Property Management Solutions for positive change

What is an Mpowered Home?

This is a house for young adults who have come out of foster care or difficult home situations to transition as they take next steps into adulthood. In an Mpowered environment. An Mpowered Home.

Mpowered Homes utilize real estate investments while providing clean, safe housing for qualifying young adults: individuals who have successfully graduated their at-risk program and are advancing into the professional workforce with the guidance of a life coach. Utilizing our Mpowered environmental practices will increase the value of the property.

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Mpowered Home Strategy

Your fee for this is tax deductible. We utilize several strategies to benefit people (housing for graduated foster young adults) and planet (upgrade the house with “green” strategies and regenerative practices)

All these methods create an MPWRD Home that will benefit the next generation and the environment sustainably.

Fee Structure: 

  • Standard property management fee
  • In order to Mpower your home additional fee structure or tax-deductible options
  • No hourly rate for overseeing improvements and coaching services with Mpowered homes

Why Mpowered Homes?

Impact Environment

Mpowered Homes are committed to improving the planet by providing sustainability solutions for environmental good and positive change.

Impact Youth

Youth who apply to the Mpowered Homes program get to live in the home and adhere to Mpowered protocols.