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Why did we help found Fortuna Ranch Farm Sanctuary

The #1 killer of all people worldwide is pollution. The biggest cause of pollution is agriculture and animal agriculture. Chemical farming floods our water, air and soil with toxic chemicals.

Healthy soil = Healthy gut = Healthy people and planet


Solution: Regenerative Agriculture

This is a farming practice that focuses on soil quality, increases farmer yields and nutrient dense food. It creates a local experience of where food comes from and gives you a true educational experience and community gathering. 

We utilize real estate as a way of giving back and simultaneously creating Mpowered houses that focus on housing people, solar energy, grey water, composting, growing food and sequestering carbon and fighting pollution. 

Next Generation

Educating youth through the Fortuna Ranch Farm Sanctuary is a key element for lasting change. The Sanctuary has created youth education portals around these topics and provides a positive change life model for practical life pillars that are necessary for implementing change in their lives.

Using Referrals for Good

Looking to buy or sell nationwide? Choose Mpowered to source a real estate agent fit for you - at no cost. When you work with the realtor we referred, 100% of the referral fee goes toward Mpowered Homes.

So whether you're buying, selling, investing or needing property management, we have a solution for you to Do More Good. Check out each page on how we do this. 


Contact our Mpowered Team to discuss options to give back today.

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Learn More About Fortuna Ranch Farm Sanctuary

The non-profit we founded to help promote and enact positive change for both people and the planet

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Mpowered Home Model

Mpowered homes are a way to utilize real estate investments while simultaneously providing clean, safe housing for responsible young adults that have successfully graduated their at-risk program, advancing into the professional workforce, with the guidance of a life coach. 

The utilization of our Mpowered environmental practices will increase the value and good of the property. 

Equity Share Partnership Investing for Equity Growth
  • Increased service and equity creation through development
  • Save money
  • No additional management fees for upgrades
  • We manage renovations, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) and other value add projects
  • We implement equity creation strategies
  • Equity share % will vary
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Contact our Mpowered Team to discuss options to give back today.

[email protected]